Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Crisp & Color Wheels

Last Thursday and Friday the Foods & Nutrition class made FOUR different kinds of apple crisp...

a traditional recipe with oatmeal topping

caramel apple crisp

another variation of the traditional oatmeal recipe

white cake mix topping! Mrs. Roberts' favorite!!!

It was a day full of sweets...In clothing class, we are studying the color wheel, so we made color wheel creations with sugar cookies and frosting. We started with the three primary colors...
the start of Kelsie Holeton & Grace McCombs' color wheel

Emily McGuire & Hannah Statler working hard at getting just the right colors...

Katie Axmear & Megan Meier's color wheel
By the time we were done we had several colors of frosting and our lips and mouths were also several different colors! The cookies were too beautiful to eat!

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  1. I would like to confirm my opinion that there should be a Foods III/IV. This has most DEFINITELY been my favorite class of my high school career. I'm assuming I have many others to agree with this statement, therefore let's take this to the school board!