This project was started 8/29/12

Independent Living
Career Project

Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)".
It can also pertain to an occupation or a profession that usually involves special training or formal education ( and is considered to be a person’s lifework (The Free Dictionary).

My Next Move website
Log onto This is website created by the U.S. Department of Labor, therefore the information here will be very accurate.

Follow these steps in order to complete this part of your project:
1)    Click on start under “Tell us what you like to do.” This is a 60 question survey about the type of work you like to do. The questions are easy and it will not take you long to complete. When you are done, you need to print your results. The results will be in the form of a colored bar graph.
2)    Next, click on an option under “Search careers with key words.” Type in a career that you wish to research. You may get several options for your search.
a.     Choose the one that you feel best fits your needs. When you click on one of the options, you will get a summary page of that career. It summarizes knowledge, skills, education, etc. Print this page.
b.    On the summary page, go to the “Job Outlook” box at the bottom. Click on “Local Salary Info.” Choose two different states for your career. Print these pages.
c.     Repeat this process for a second career that you are interested in .

When you are done, you should have seven printed documents. Staple them all together – survey results, then other information organized by career.

Portfolio & Job Interview

A portfolio is a collection of factual information that supports the job for which a person is applying. The following components will be included in your portfolio for Independent Living:

Identification Page                                   First page of portfolio
                                                Plain paper – must include the person’s
name, and desired job

Job Description Page            Give name of employer, address/location, job title, short job description, required hours, and wages typically offered for job. This can be printed directing from the employer’s website, or clipped from newspaper.

Business Communication            Include cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation (only 1 from a teacher)

School-Based Learning            At least one page typed. May include photographs, news articles, other artifacts. Describe school-based learning that enhances your employability.

            Include a summary of school activities, projects, or anything that relates to the desired job.  Write a 5-6 sentence paragraph explaining your involvement in school activities.

An example of ability to communicate in written form is required. This could be a paper that you wrote in any of your classes.            

Work-Based Learning            At least one page typed. Describe work-based learning that enhances your employability. Summaries of job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, informational interviews, or community service projects

Examples of Special Skills            Must be at least ½ page typed. May include photographs, news articles, other artifacts. Include up to five special skills, talents, and/or abilities related to job and career goals

ALL components must be typed, neat, professional, and use correct
grammar and spelling. All pages must be 8 ½ X 11, no larger. All listed sections above must have divider pages.

Points will be given as follows:
Project Identification Sheet                        5
Job Description Sheet                        10
Business Communication                        50
School-Based Learning                        30
Work-Based Learning                        20
Examples of Special Skills                        10
Overall Appearance                                   20

TOTAL                                                            145

Interview will be worth additional points.



8/29/12 Foods & Nutrition I project
this project was assigned the first day of school

1st Quarter Family Meal Planning Project

Your assignment is to plan and prepare a meal for your family. The meal you prepare must consist of at least a main dish and a side dish or dessert. You must select the recipes, make the food, and clean up the kitchen. A parent or other family member may assist you.

You may get the recipes from cookbooks, Internet, etc. You cannot use a recipe that we have prepared in class. You cannot use a recipe that your family has used. ALL recipes need to be approved by Mrs. Roberts before you begin your project.

Write VERY NEATLY or type. Follow these directions closely.

Page 1)  Cover sheet – list your menu, name & date

Page 2-3)  Copies of each recipe – written or typed by you.

Page 4)  At least 2 evaluations/comments from your family. Please ask family members to provide at least 2-3 sentences about the meal. You are welcome to use the Foods class lab evaluation as a guide.

Page 5)  Evaluate yourself. This should be at least one paragraph (4-5 sentences). You are welcome to use the Foods class lab evaluation as a guide.

Page 6)  Pictures – of you preparing the food, your family eating the food, etc. At least three pictures are required.


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